Africana Cherith Restaurant Partner with 123 Pleasant St for Upcoming Hip Hop Events! [Video+Pics]

Africana Cherith Restaurant: African (Jamaican/ vegetarian / vegan / gluten meal). 1137 Van Voorhis Road, Suite 20, Chelsea Square, 26505 Morgantown. Will be selling food for events at 123 pleasant St in Morgantown this Thursday September 1, and September 30, 2016, both at 8PM-12AM. The Jerk Wings and Beef patties are delicious by the way!

Chris Allen, Funky Mudbugs, and Writing Off Tomorrow (Multi Genre) show their chops at @123pleasant last week!

Went to checkout “Bring on the Bands” at 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown WV this past Friday. I really needed to get out, even convinced the wife to come with me! When we got to 123 Writing Off Tomorow was already performing, and I haven’t seen them since I interviewed them a couple of years

April Showers Event brings Local Artist together for Fundraiser at @123Pleasant St @Day1Lifestyle

“It was another great show for the Norman Jordan African American Arts & Heritage Academy fundraiser! The turnout last week was wonderful! Multiple artist donated performances to the cause Including Dylan Sinclair, Chris Allen, Quie, EDU, Finally Zack & many more! The crowd was in full effect all night as the venue stayed packed till


After years of inactivity BastardWulf (formerly Herodotus Greene) returns with his 10 track project, Marionette. This deeply enlightening assembly gives listeners a brief window into the complex mind of one of Morgantown’s more elusive upcoming acts as he battles personal demons and regains confidence following a blue period. Set to perform at 123 Pleasant Street