“It was another great show for the Norman Jordan African American Arts & Heritage Academy fundraiser! The turnout last week was wonderful! Multiple artist donated performances to the cause Including Dylan Sinclair, Chris Allen, Quie, EDU, Finally Zack & many more! The crowd was in full effect all night as the venue stayed packed till the end. These fundraiser’s have grown bigger with every show. With the amount of talent and soul showcased throughout the night its no surprise to see it growing so quickly! If your in the Morgantown area and appreciate good local music & would like to donate to a great cause you should come out too the next one and see what the hype’s all about! I’m sure you will love the atmosphere and all of the passionate talent you’ll find at these events. As the music scene here in Morgantown grows in size and quality, Theres no doubt that this show will become more increasingly popular everytime! I can’t wait to see everybody at the next one until then if you have any questions about upcoming dates for the next fundraiser get in touch with Eric Jordan.”
by Dustin Conner




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