Went to checkout “Bring on the Bands” at 123 Pleasant St in Morgantown WV this past Friday. I really needed to get out, even convinced the wife to come with me! When we got to 123 Writing Off Tomorow was already performing, and I haven’t seen them since I interviewed them a couple of years ago.

You could tell they have been playing together for quite a while, very tight, and the lead singer really felt comfortable on stage. They were quite awesome.
Next up was the Funky Mudbugs, who I’ve seen a few times, but they now had a new lead singer, and she was really good. I do miss the theatrics, and costumes that came with their former lead singer Derick aka “Remy Black”, but the new lead was really good too.
Chris Allen just continues to blow my mind, but the difference this time was his band called “The Sh*t”, and they are properly named. I must admit they stole the show, Chris Allen was always a natural local star on stage (my opinion), and he has always performed with a band, but like Writing Of Tomorrow you can see where the chemistry just kicked in. It was a great night of local music, easily a $15 show (they only charged $5), got to see some old friends, had great libations with the wife, just what this young man in a old man’s body needed.
By Monstalung

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