Me and my buddy Mark Kemp are two old school Morgantowners, who have been eating at the various different Morgantown eateries since the days of “Speedy’s Wings” and “Scottos Pizza”. So when a new food place comes to town, we try to meet up for lunch and give it a taste, just to have an excuse to eat. There was extra incentive for me on this one, because I know the owner Ray Glymph, who also owns 4th and Goal, Morgantown Tacos, and the new venue Liquid Lounge.

When Mark and I got to Soul Brothers, it was packed, the word got out already about the new eatery, and you could tell people where excited to try some soul food! Mark ordered the chicken combo wrap, with beans and rice. I got waffles and fish, and that came with a side of macaroni and cheese. The star of both dishes to me where the sauces, they have a big variety of sauces to choose from, I got the hot sauce (I’m a hot sauce fanatic), and a Carolina tangy BBQ sauce, both were delicious. I enjoyed the meal enough to have my wife pick up a order after work so she could try it, and for me to also try a couple more things on the menu. I suggest you do the same!

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