One of the best jobs I ever had (besides my current job, at the Center for Black Culture & Research was when I worked at the National Research Center for Coal & Energy on the Evansdale Campus Morgantown WV. It wasn’t the actual job that made it fun; it was the people I worked with. I left that job a few years ago, but every once in a while we all get together for lunch or dinner and catch up, and we have always have the most fun times! We always try to find a new place for us to eat, so our first choice the new pizza place on High St called “Lotsa Mozza“, but they don’t serve alcohol, and alcohol is a must with this bunch (basically me). I do have a great review coming up on “Lotsa Mozza” though. So we crossed the street and went to Jameson’s, some of us had been there before, but a few of us had not, but most importantly, they served the beverages we were looking for!

Just so you know who was on this adventure, the participants were myself and my wife, Eric & Constinia Jordan, Mark & Tracy Novak, Paul Crumrine & Erin, Julie Black, and Christie Zachary.

We started with drinks, and me and my wife had a White Russian, which was very good, but I noticed Erin drinking something in a martini glass that had chocolate and graham crackers all around the rim.

I asked her, “What is that?”

She said, “The O’Leary, and its damn good,” so I got one of those too, and that’s my go to drink at Jameson’s from now on. Yes, get the O’Leary.

Jameson’s had a special on a 10 oz ribeye for $10.99 which most of the table got; I asked our waiter (who was outstanding by the way) what was the establishment known for? He said, “Our burgers”. So I tried the “Finger Licking BBQ Burger” which was just delicious, they actually put pulled pork BBQ on top of the burger, yes! The fries were very good, I like crisp fries and they did that without me asking. My wife tried the fried chicken and baked potato, she loved it, and I got to enjoy the leftovers the next day for lunch. Mark got the Steak & Cheese sandwich, and I was expecting your regular shredded steak with cheese, NO, this was an actual STEAK on a sandwich, and a real MANLY sandwich I must say. The 10 oz Ribeye special seemed to be going very well around the table, and it smelled great.

The environment was great, the food was great, the drinks were great, and I had a great time with friends I just don’t get to see enough!

Eric Jordan

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