April Showers Final one
This is going to be a special night for us. DAYONELIFESTYLE is throwing a a concert but it’s not really just a concert… Makes sense right? Along with awesome music acts we have some funny comedians to start off the night and numerous photographers/painters/ graphic designers who will be selling their work in the back.

We wanted to make this night 1 dollar aka 4 quarters aka 10 dimes for a reason. Everyone has a wrinkled dollar or spare change laying around somewhere. It’s almost the end of semester, finals is creeping up and everyone is over school and broke. Come out and support local music/art/culture with that wrinkled dollar. This is something we been wanting to do for awhile and now it’s happening.

This is our April Showers. Once these showers clear, there’s no looking back. We have been building as a team, brand and most importantly as a family, but i think it’s time we really start putting the ideas to life and don’t be scared to take chances! PASSION OVER PROFIT
– G
/// Who’s performing at the show you may ask? All these artists have been close to the DAYONELIFESTYLE family so it only made sense to put them on a show together. ///
| Meet DJ Dollar |
Artist Performing: Woody Pond, Chris Allen, Trey Christie, Logan Wojcik, Finally Zach, Elias, Quie, edU, Clyde Mack, DJ Dollar, DJ Arthurking.


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