MORGANTOWN, W.Va — Kevin Pierce and Takara Robinson, both former Academic STARS students, have teamed up as realtors at Old Colony here in Morgantown. The couple, having entered an official partnership at their brokerage, are excited to assist the residents of North Central, West Virginia in all of their many real estate endeavors.
“We really just wanted something fun and productive to do together—something that we could build on as a couple,” Takara said. “It’s an amazing feeling to work with someone who cares about your success just as much as their own.”

Kevin is particularly excited as real estate development is something that he has always been passionate about.

“I love it! Coming to West Virginia University has inspired me and taught me that everything in this life is attainable, you just have to go after it,” Kevin said. “Being able to take the first steps with Takara?there is no comparison. We keep each other motivated and driven, and also we have friendly competition amongst each other. It’s a great thing we are starting to build, and hope to remain a positive influence to also inspire our peers as well.”

The couple has big plans, and they’re certainly not stopping here. Kevin and Takara have their eyes set on being business owners. Their hope is to show people that black love, entrepreneurship and excellence is alive and well. They attribute much of their success to West Virginia University and the Academic STARS program, and they are so thankful that they met each other in the process.

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Instagram: KevinTakara_Realtors
Twitter: KT_Realtors

To learn more about the Academic STARS program, visit or call 304-293-7029

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