Tyler Grady of the band “GOODWOLF”, a Morgantown WV “Love Rock” band, contacted organizers for the Norman Jordan African American Arts & Heritage Academy Fundraiser last week and notified them that his band would like to donate a $1 per admission from their show. Eric Jordan, creative director for the AAAHA Fundraiser, wanted to thank Tyler and all the other bands for their donation to our cause, which is to help develop youth who are interested in the arts, and to be that support system.

The Norman Jordan Arts Academy Fundraiser is this Thursday at 123 Pleasant St, and Tyler Grady’s event is Friday November 13, 2015 at 123 Pleasant St the next day featuring…

Goodwolf (WV)
(Irresponsible Love-Rock–They met Frank Stowers once)

Tyler Childers & The Foodstamps (WV&KY)
(Heart-Healin’ Ramble Country– as heard on Mountain Stage)

Ona (WV&Parts Unknown)
(Smooth Singin’ Sex Symbols– also heard on NPR)

Matthew Thomas
(Picker-Grinner-Lover-You know the rest)

So you can support The Norman Jordan African American Arts & Heritage Academy by supporting some good rock and roll on Friday night also! Get show info at https://www.facebook.com/events/156835988002585/

You can also donate online if you can’t make it to the either of the shows at https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/e12pAe/ab/5Fuze


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