Every year on the last Saturday in June, the South Park community in Morgantown, WV have a annual block party in the Arch St alley. A friend of mine, John Gaddis told me about the block party and with my old neighborhood on White Ave being only a couple blocks away, this was a no-brainer. South Park has always been my favorite area in Morgantown. It has a personality that attracts the creative thinkers, and it reminded me of other creative places I have lived such as Dupont Circle in Washington DC, The Village in New York, and 5 Points in Atlanta. I experienced my teenage years in this neighborhood, so yeah, I have great memories here. John, one of the many organizers for the block party has been volunteering for community projects as long as I known him, and he is just one of the “good” people who understands the importance on giving back to the community. The block party was GREAT! Good food, music, the kids were playing everywhere, neighbors socializing, and enjoying each others company. Made me think, “I wish we did this in my neighborhood in Westover.” I would say this has to be great for neighborhood chemistry, andGreenmont might be on to something.

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