Sunday Drive is a series where we showcase the Morgantown area and the local band scene at the same time! This is our first episode of “Sunday Drive” and it features my good friend Jeffrey Goodwin’s band “Jet Set Vapor Trails”. I fell in love with this band before I even heard them.

Jeff calls me up one night and says, “What are you doing?”

I say “Nothing, just watching TV”.

“I’m gonna stop by, I got a present for ya.” To myself, I’m like, “Cool, love presents!”. Jeff stops by to give me a fresh off the press VINYL copy of his band’s new album which had this unique green color for the vinyl, I LOVED IT! I collect vinyl, and I DJ (which Jeff knows); it was such a great present from a great friend. This video is me driving through Westover, WV to Downtown Morgantown, with the Jet Set Vapor Trails song “Clouds Of Mary” as the soundtrack!

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