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A Review of The Greeks Restaurant and Cafe

I had a nice talk with Demetrius the owner/chef of ‘The Greeks’ today which I thought I’d share alongside some info about their food.

Demetrius is from Greece and went to culinary school there. He’s traveled around the world and has been a chef at several five star hotels. However (I’m guessing because of how things have been in Greece the past few years but Demetrius did not say why), he ended up working as a bridge painter with his father. This was decent work but did not lend itself to raising a family. Family friends let him know that they were building a new apartment with store fronts in Morgantown, WV. At the time, he did not even know where Morgantown was located. It was his dream to open a Greek restaurant of his own, so he got some business partners together and moved to town. It took him two years to get everything ready but he recently felt comfortable enough to open the doors of The Greeks to the public. Most of the delay was attributed to the contractors of the building, so Demetrius resorted to doing a lot of the work like painting and drywall himself.

I asked Demetrius about things like the county health department, which have caused problems for other restaurant owners that I know. He said that after working for years with the European equivalents and Five Star inspections, the local county health department was no hassle at all.
You may be wondering, why are there french fries on the gyro? That is because that is way they are served on the island where Demetrius was raised. The vertical broiler? That’s how he achieves the best quality lamb meat possible. If you want to talk cooking or about the ingredients, then Demetrius will grin and tell you all about how important the quality of his food is to him. He also likes to talk about how important it is to have a pristine eating environment.

The Greeks certainly will benefit from having an enthusiastic owner. Demetrius was quick to offer me a free order of Greek fries and discussed how hard it is to serve the perfect french fry crunchiness from fresh cut fries while still drizzling them with olive oil, garlic, and feta cheese. Other customers who found themselves uncertain how to order were offered samples of the different sauces which he certainly takes great pride in making. My brother, Kelen Conley, ordered a spicy sauce which the owner very happily explained was a hot accident in its creation.

Just when I thought it was time for me to take leave and return to work, I was greeted with a thousand apologies. Demetrius apologized for not having been told me that he had some excellent chai for free that a coffee roaster had dropped off for him to sample. If I am picky about anything it is french fries, gyros, and chai. All three were superb.

Looking for something new to taste? Give The Greeks Greek coffee a try. It’s a sweet coffee with the grounds purposely left in the drink. It is strong but not bitter. Protip: You aren’t supposed to drink all of it. Kindly leave the sediment at the bottom.

The gyros here are meaty. These are not overloaded with lettuce as a cheap filler or stuffed with a pound of cheap, cucumber sauce. In fact, you won’t find any lettuce at all. The lamb gyro meat is the classic way to go but chicken is also available. Tomatoes and onions are standard but can be left out. You also have three choices for sauce: tzatziki, spicy, and cheese if I remember correctly. If you haven’t had a gyro before then make sure to keep it genuine and have tzatziki sauce. You will also have the option for feta if you’d like to add it.

There was a coupon for The Greeks in the Daily Anthenaeum. Upon presenting it, Demetrius was happy to see his advertising working, although he lamented that I was only the second person to use the coupon. You won’t need it though as the food is very reasonably priced especially for what a gyro will run you at other restaurants in town.

Parking is worth noting. Parking is available for free in the lower level garage available from the side closest to Chico’s Bakery. Just ask for a parking token when you order and you’ll be able to get out, no problem. The resident only signs in the garage aren’t an issue but do make for some confusion.

Seafood is currently not available but Demetrius informed me he yearns to add it to the menu because he misses his home food so much. He has yet to find quality seafood from vendors in the area and insists as much as he wants to make it available, he will not unless he finds the freshness and quality to his standards.

I’ll probably be returning again for breakfast crepes this weekend. I’ll let you know how they turn out. If you go, tell him Matthew sent you. Just don’t tell him how horrible of a food writer I am. But please go because it is delicious.

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